Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP) has been a primary player in preparing Saudi youth for their future in the energy sector, enriching it with close to 8000 graduates, trained to operate and maintain the facilities. The SPSP development carries a major investment from HRDF, Saudi Arabian Chevron, Saudi Aramco and Aramco Gulf Operation, in addition to TVTC and the Ministry of Energy with the objective of increasing Saudization and ensuring graduates' empowerment.

Chief Executive Officer

SPSP started in 2008 with one institute and 400 trainees sponsored by 4 companies, whereas, currently, there are three institutes serving more than 100 companies. Since 2008, SPSP has graduated close to 8000 trainees in 12 specialties. In 2019, we successfully introduced the ACT-Eng comprehensive program for certification of engineers. We have introduced this accredited engineering training and certification program for the first time, as part of our plans to establish a certification hub in Saudi Arabia. We have signed a MOU with International French Petroleum Institute for long term strategy to be our partner in providing further training and certification for engineers. Currently, we are managing 6 intakes, (5 domestic and 1 international), which is 122 Engineers in total. In Drilling and Construction Center, we have been expanding in skilled training and construction. We have extended our agreement with Aberdeen Drilling School to partner with us in delivering accredited drilling training. This year, we have introduced training and certification in hydrocarbon transportation after obtaining IRU accreditation. In the year 2019, (601) company employees completed short training courses in Drilling, Safety and Construction. The Contractor Workforce Qualification Assurance Program (CWQAP) has started this year and expanded to cover contractor employees in Al-Khafji , reaching a total of 430 participants. Moreover, we are evaluating introducing "Women vocational training" and in this respect, we are collaborating with Eastern Chamber of Commerce young Businesswomen Council to introduce the first program in 2020. This training program is expected to open new opportunities for young Saudi ladies with the right skills, with respect to their traditions and culture, yet to be part of the vision with right certificate for jobs. Currently a total of eleven technical specialty programs are offered at SPSP, which are accredited by 9 international organizations, which put SPSP on the top rank of Energy Institutes.

The programs and training centers are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), City and Guilds, PAA/VQ-SET, the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and the National Safety Council (NSC), in addition to the Saudi Heart Association (SHA) and International Road Transport Union (IRU). SPSP Introduced a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (CSR) in the last quarter of 2018, focusing on health and safety, education and training, environmental protection and community development. Through the year 2019, the initiative has engaged SPSP trainees and staff in supporting society voluntary programs, such as education, social, community, safety and environment, to name some. SPSP, established a volunteering team “OneHand” to lead the social impact on the community. Currently, we have aligned our strategy with the Saudi 2030 Vision, to graduate qualified young Saudis, envisioning to graduate additional 6000 competent Saudi youth to enrich Energy sector in the next five years. Furthermore, we are proudly working to enable these young Saudis to attain self-actualization and to contribute to the nation building process by becoming active contributors to their companies I am confident that SPSP will meet the challenges ahead in satisfying the future needs of the industry and will be globally recognized as the best- in- class Institute, introducing a sustainability program to achieve the highest operational excellence standards. SPSP team’s commitment is our winning card in making the SPSP a training facility for the future benefits of our beloved country. At the end, I would like to pass my appreciation to the BOT chairman and members, SPSP partners and trainees’ sponsors, for being Saudization supporters, collaborating to provide Saudi youth with opportunities to build their future.

Bassam A. Al-Bokhari

Chief Executive Officer