How do I become sponsored?

SPSP will arrange for you to be sponsored by a company.

Is there student accommodation available?

EnergyTech does provide limited numbers of student accommodation based on set criteria.

What certificates will I receive on completion?

Students who successfully complete the 2 year training program will receive the following certificates; NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations (QCF). IVQ Level 3 Diploma SPSP Diploma

When does the admission start at SPSP?

It is announced through SPSP’s website and its social media accounts.

Is there a priority for admission according to the application date?

There is no priority in acceptance based on the date of the application. Therefore, applying on the first or last day will not affect the process. as long as it is during the period specified for submission according to the announced schedule.

Is the admission priority for those with a high school diploma?

Admission is only for those with a science section high school diploma.

If I was registered on the site last year and wasn’t accepted, should I enter the previous submission or a new one?

A new submission is required.

What are the specialties SPSP offers?

You can access SPSP’s website to learn about the available specialties.

What are the admission requirements at SPSP?

You can enter SPSP’s website to learn more about the admission requirements.

How can I obtain my degree in Qiyas and what is the result used for admission if the student gets more than one result in the Qiyas test?

The degree can be obtained through the National Center for Assessment and the highest score obtained in Qiyas test will be used.

Are non-Saudi applicants or the children of female citizens accepted at SPSP?

Admission is currently for Saudi citizens only.

How does the student know the result of admission and when do students receive the text messages (SMS)?

After completing the exams period, a text message and an email will be sent to the accepted and unaccepted students.

If I wasn’t accepted in the company due to the personal interview, will I be interviewed by another company?

If you are not accepted into the company because of failing the personal interview, you will be able to compete with another company.

Why wasn’t I accepted in some specializations even though I had a high percentage in high school, while people with lower high school rates were accepted?

Admission in SPSP depends on several standards that vary from one specialty to another.

When can I get the student ID card?

The student ID card will be issued before the start of the semester and after signing the contract with the sponsoring company.

Is it possible to study at SPSP by distance learning system?

There is no distance learning system at SPSP.

Does SPSP accept non-Saudi applicants?

Admission is for Saudi applicants only.

What are the companies contracted with SPSP?

Most of the energy companies which are contracted with Saudi Aramco.

Do I have the right to postpone my acceptance for the next year?

Admission to the diploma program cannot be postponed.

If I apply to withdraw from SPSP, when am I entitled to apply to the institute again?

If you request withdrawal during the acceptance period, you are considered withdrawn from acceptance, and you are entitled to apply to SPSP as a new student whenever the registration period opens in accordance with the declared conditions of acceptance at the time. If you request withdrawal after the start of the semester, you are considered withdrawn from SPSP and you will not be able to apply to SPSP if you are supported by the Human Resources Development Fund.

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