Quality & Accreditation

Demonstrated by effective Leadership

Quality Assurance:

Quality assurance is monitored throughout all SPSP programs to ensure all training delivery and assessment meet the highest standards. The instructional team at SPSP are made up of a balance of native English speaking and bi-lingual staff all with internationally recognized qualifications, skills and relevant industry experience.

Quality assurance is maintained through internal and external audit of all aspects of SPSP operations, including training delivery and assessment. SPSP carry out internal verification and Quality Assurance of all programs. While awarding and accrediting bodies provide external Quality Assurance audits of SPSP through regular annual visits.

Quality Statement:

“We are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers by ensuring the quality of our graduates and integrity and excellence of our services through continuous improvement and compliance with internationally recognized standards and accreditations, demonstrated by effective leadership and implementation of best practices.”

International Accreditations: