Safety at SPSP

Together towards a bright future for Saudi youth

Health and safety is a core value in SPSP. Developing and maintaining a culture of safety is at the heart of all SPSP training programs. SPSP believes that trainees and staff are their most expensive and that training them to be safe at all times is their top priority.

SPSP believes in the importance of developing and maintaining a culture of health and safety within the workplace. This will provide our students, employees and visitors with a safe working environment and increase the awareness of each trainee of the importance of health and safety in the workplace. SPSP trainees have the ability to transfer this information to their families and friends, thereby raising the level of understanding and understanding of health and safety in Saudi Arabia.

SPSP management believes that this is achieved through an integrated plan of:

Quality assurance is monitored throughout all SPSP programs to ensure all training delivery and assessment meet the highest standards. The instructional team at SPSP are made up of a balance of native English speaking and bi-lingual staff all with internationally recognized qualifications, skills and relevant industry experience.

  • Provide a health and safety course during the academic training program.
  • Continuous training in health and safety throughout the technical training program.
  • Develop good business practices in all areas of SPSP operations and training.
  • Conduct regular briefings, seminars and presentations on safety.
  • Develop high-quality health and safety posters throughout campus.
  • Insist on full compliance with health and safety regulations at all times and all trainees and employees.
  • Provide personal protective equipment for all trainees, staff and visitors to SPSP.

SPSP is in compliance with national health and safety regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to health and safety training to meet local standards, and as a result of close contact with the UK and international donors, SPSP also trains all students to learn about UK health and safety laws and regulations. This is of great benefit to our graduate students and the companies they join.

A large number of these companies are multinational companies with health and safety management systems established around the health and safety laws of the United Kingdom or the United States of America.