Academic Program Outline

The SPSP Academic Program focuses on the delivery of English Language within a Technical Context and the curriculum is built around a series of published texts, including Tech Talk and the Technical English series.

Program Outline

  • English Language 1190 hours
  • Pre-Algebra and Technical Mathematics hours
  • Health & Safety Key Skills 70 hours

Program Outline SPSP academic program is delivered and assessed over one year divided into three 14-week trimesters. The academic program consists of the following areas of study: Assessment is through End of Trimester four skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) task based assessment in combination with three continuous assessment tasks performed each trimester.

The teaching methodology used is strongly student centered through a competency-based approach to learning. At SPSP we tell our students, “It is not what you know, it’s what you can DO with what you know”.

English Language is delivered at the following SPSP English levels:

  • English Language Level 2
  • English Language Level 3
  • English Language Level 4
  • English Language Level 5
  • English Language Level 6