TVTC Governor H.E. Dr. Al-Fahaid Visits SPSP Dammam

14 Jan 2020

Technical and Vocational Training Corporation Governor H.E. Dr. Ahmed Al-Fahaid visited SPSP Dammam training centers (Maintenance and Operation Training Center and Construction and Drilling Training Center) and viewed SPSP’s training programs, activities and plans.

H.E. Dr. Al-Fahaid was welcomed by SPSP CEO Mr. Bassam Al-Bokhari, Maintenance and Operations Training Center Director Mr. Saad Al-Shahrani, Construction and Drilling Training Center Director Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mugahwi and SPSP executives.

H.E. Dr. Al-Fahaid and Mr. Al-Bokhari discussed the training programs provided by SPSP and reviewed the improvements of these programs. They also discussed SPSP new engineering program ACT Eng. which is a program that develops engineers’ knowledge and covers all engineering operations, maintenance, competencies and skills.

The guest visited the drilling platform control simulator and control room and was given a brief explanation of the components and methods of operation and control, the construction, scaffolding and crane operation training areas, as well as the ACT Eng. training center. The guests also visited the training workshops of the Maintenance and Operations Training Center, which included pipefitting, welding, mechanical, electrical and operation workshops.

Mr. Al-Bokhari expressed his thanks and appreciation to H.E. Dr. Al-Fahaid and the visitors. Mr. Al-Bokhari mentioned that the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation is a strong supporter of SPSP and its programs, stressing that TVTC’s directives are always valuable for SPSP.