SPSP Finance Employees Complete FFAC and IFRS Certifications

15 Jul 2019

SPSP is constantly working towards improving and developing their employees’ skills. Recently, SPSP finance employees completed two courses; the Foundational Financial Reporting Certificate (FFAC) which is accredited by the American Institute of Management Accountant (IMA) and the International Financial Reporting Standard Certificate (IFRS) which is accredited by Association of Chartered Citified Accountant (ACCA).

FFAC is designed to provide a quality and valuable learning experience to those interested in strengthening their financial accounting skills and knowledge and in utilizing such skills and knowledge on the job. FFAC workshops focus on essential accounting and finance concepts to assist candidates, employees, and executives to be better equipped to make informed management decisions.

IFRS is designed to develop the employees’ knowledge and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards for success in today’s global business world. Those who understand and can apply IFRS will enjoy expanded career opportunities around the world. Doing business internationally is a standard practice making it more important for accountants and other finance professionals to have a solid understanding of this core competency.

SPSP Financial Consultant, Mr. Abdulkareem Al-Atrash, has delivered both courses in-house which reduced the significant cost of such advanced programs offered in public and made them tailored for SPSP business needs. Mr. Al-Atrash has prepared a comprehensive training plan covering professional certificate needs for Finance and Internal Audit staff up to 2022.

SPSP CEO, Bassam Al-Bokhari, gathered with the finance employees to celebrate the completion of both courses and thank them for their efforts. Mr. Al-Bokhari stressed on the importance of implementing such effective certified training courses as they benefit employees by improving their performance and productivity and develop them as future leaders.