Drilling Program Outline

The SPSP Drilling Program leads to certificates internationally accredited by IADC and ACCET. The program is designed to provide students with a balanced combination of engineering theory and practical hands-on experience. This will ensure that on completion of the Drilling Program graduates will have the required job entry skills to work within the Petroleum Services industries. Each student will complete the Academic and Phase 1 foundation training prior to covering the Drilling Program.


  • IADC Rig Pass
  • SPSP Diploma in Drilling Technology


  • IADC

On completion of the Drilling course graduates will be able to:

  • Complete the IADC Rig Pass program by understanding the principles, procedures and policies.
  • Correctly identify drill string components.
  • State the function and operation of rig hoisting equipment such as the drawworks, drilling line, blocks, hook and elevators.
  • State the function and operation of the rig circulation system such as the mud pumps, solids control and mud conditioning equipment.
  • State the function and operation of the rigs rotary system such as the top drive & swivel-kelly rotation equipment.
  • Operate rig floor equipment and perform rig floor tasks during drill string make up, break out and tripping procedures.

  • State the function and operation of well control systems such as the BOP and choke manifold.
  • State the function and operation of rig power generation systems and equipment.
  • Perform simple rig site maintenance on mud pumps, solids control equipment, swivel-kelly and top drive systems, hoisting equipment, rig floor pipe handling components and well control equipment.
  • Understand rig site HSE policies.
  • Identify rotary drilling rig safety precautions.

This program is available in: