Taziz Program Second Intake

18 Feb 2020

As part of SPSP’s Corporate Social Responsibility and in collaboration with Benaa Charity Association for Orphans Care and Wafaa Office, OneHand team is proud to announce the start of the second intake of the “Taziz” program.

Benaa Charity Association is an independent entity that is concerned with the affairs of orphans in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. Their objective is to enable orphans and support their families through community programs and partnerships to contribute to achieving achieve family stability in society.

Wafaa is a new office that was established to take care of the children of veterans who passed away defending their country. Wafaa Office’s goal is to provide world class services that includes education, healthcare and social benefits to the children effected.

Taziz Program, which includes 65 secondary school students, aims to develop and prepare secondary school students for successful university/college enrollments and tests and cover skills such as English language, mathematics and Health & Safety. The program courses will be voluntarily taught in English by SPSP Academic instructors from different nationalities.

SPSP is looking forward to the successful outcome of the program’s second intake and are looking forward to launching future programs as part of their social responsibility.